Flow of Puffed Candy Rice Ball /rice Bar Cereal Production Line:

Extruder→Sugar Boiler→Mixer→Conveyor→Shaping and cutting machine→Packing machine

cereal bar production line

Usage of the Puffed Candy Rice Ball /rice Bar Cereal Production Line

This Multi-function forming machine is mainly used for round ball, cylinder type by grains such as rice and wheat, corn, black rice, rice crisp, melon seeds crisp type products.

Features of the Puffed Candy Rice Ball /rice Bar Cereal Production Line

1. Turn disc type covers an small area, refrigeration function.

2. No need gas source, direct production does not destroy products organization

3. A rotating hopper, automatic baiting and automatic filling material

4. good Molding degree, don't stick mould.

5. Rotation system is concise, clear.

This puffed candy rice ball /rice bar cereal production line improved to suite production of popping for beans, corns, and rice and wheat crops,and it use electricity or gas for energy.Low energy consumption, large production and safety in operation. It is widely used in food processing industry.

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