The fortified nutritional rice production line is a food production equipment developed and produced by the company according to the current food nutrition needs and combined with foreign technologies. The production equipment adapts to the general situation of people's dietary intensification treatment in modern society, meets people's requirements for nutritional balance, and avoids the introduction of foreign equipment, such as large investment and high operating costs, and has the advantages of high degree of automation and energy saving. The production line can use rice, millet, black rice, buckwheat and other whole grains as raw materials, add various vitamins, proteins and minerals for processing, and regenerate new enhanced nutrition after extrusion, curing and forming in the extruder Rice, its eating method is the same as natural rice, and it is simple and convenient. It is nutritious and can adapt to the modern rhythm of life.

Using this process equipment, the broken rice in the rice milling process can be restored, restored or processed into rice particles that are almost the same as ordinary whole rice, or some natural nutrients such as various grains can be mixed in a certain proportion according to the requirements of scientific diet. Together, high-nutrient rice and ready-to-eat snacks are made with the same cooking performance and cooking method as ordinary rice (with a unique flavor).


1. Process flow:

Raw material preparation → powder mixing → conveying → extrusion → screening → conveying → drying → cooling → packaging

2. Equipment configuration:

Mixer→Feeder→Extruder→Vibrating Screen→Air Conveyor→Multilayer Oven→Cooling Conveyor→Packing Machine


3. Two different production lines


4. Process composition:

1). Mixing machine: Mix rice flour alone or with some additives, add a certain amount of water, and mix well.

2). Feeding machine: use the motor as the power for screw conveying, and transport the mixed raw materials to the feeding hopper of the extruder to ensure convenient and fast feeding.

3). Twin-screw extruder: It produces long strips of rice cakes by extrusion and puffing. Changing the mold can make rice cakes with different widths and thicknesses. The mixed raw materials are under high temperature and high pressure environment and twin-screw extrusion. Starch in the raw materials The structure changes and becomes easily absorbed nutrients, which are extruded through the die, and the speed of the rotary cutting motor is adjusted until the size and length of the speed-adjusted particles meet the customer's requirements. The specific particle size and shape are obtained by changing the mold. The twin-screw extruder adopts frequency conversion speed regulation technology, which is energy-saving and accurate in speed control. The current and speed of the motor can be directly viewed through the inverter panel to ensure the safety of the equipment.

4). Vibrating screen: The extruded particles contain a little temperature and viscosity, and the particles are spread out through the vibrating screen to avoid sticking together.

5). Air conveyor: the product is transported to the oven, and the height of the elevator is determined according to the oven.

6). Multi-layer oven: Most of the ovens are electric ovens, the temperature is adjusted between 0-200 degrees through the control cabinet, and the interior is a stainless steel double-layer mesh bag. The baking time can be adjusted according to the speed, minus the moisture of the particles, and increase the shelf life;

7). Cooling conveyor: the baked particles contain a certain temperature, and the packaging quality is guaranteed by cooling to room temperature.


Artificial rice processing technology
Time : 2022-11-11

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