The fortified rice production line is a food production equipment developed and produced by the company according to the current food nutrition needs and based on foreign technology, which is suitable for the production needs of modern enterprises. The production equipment not only adapts to the general situation of people's intensive treatment of diet in modern society, meets people's requirements for balanced nutrition, but also avoids the characteristics of large investment and high operation cost of imported foreign equipment. At the same time, it has the advantages of high degree of automation and energy saving. The production line can use rice, millet, black rice, buckwheat and other cereals as raw materials, add various vitamins, proteins and minerals for treatment, and re generate new fortified rice after extrusion, ripening and forming in the extruder. Its eating method is the same as natural rice, simple and convenient, which is nutritious and can adapt to the modern rhythm of life.

  1. Equipment packaging and fixing




    The artificial rice produced by the twin-screw extruder takes broken rice as raw material and grinds the broken rice into fine rice flour through the crushing link. The artificial rice is processed from fine rice flour through the processes of adding water, stirring, expansion forming, cooling, drying and screening. It looks like rice. The artificial rice made of yellow corn is light yellow and white jade rice is white, both of which are semi expanded, There is a certain degree of transparency.
  2. Load the container and secure it





    Technological process of artificial rice production line: powder mixer → screw feeder → dse-70 twin screw extruder → vibrating screen → air blower → circulating drying box → cooling equipment
  3. Sample display




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Delivery of artificial nutritional rice equipment
Time : 2021-11-15

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