In order to achieve a shorter brewing time, the current brewed rice is relatively slender, so that the rice can fully contact with hot water, making it easier to soak, and the taste can be restored to 80-90% of the original rice.

Moreover, brewed rice also has advantages that native rice does not have. The main indicators for evaluating whether a rice is high-quality rice include: appearance gloss, taste, aroma and other indicators.


Production and processing technology of instant rice

The manufacture craft of the instant rice of instant brewing, comprises the following steps:



Screening of Grain Raw Materials

The impurities in the grain raw material are removed by screening equipment.


Grain Raw Crushing

The grain raw material is pulverized into a powder with a particle size not greater than 1 mm with a pulverizer.


Mix and stir

The ground powdery material, water and appropriate amount of food additives are mixed evenly with a mixer to form a mixed powder.

The making process of the instant rice of instant brewing, comprising


Extrusion ripening, cutting and granulation

The mixed powder is sent into the extruder, and the mixed powder is conveyed to the extrusion die by the extrusion screw, and is extruded under the action of the extrusion screw and the extrusion die, and is extruded in the extruder. The end of the die head is cut into rice grains by a shear knife.



The shaped granular rice continues to be dried and sterilized by drying equipment to remove moisture.


cool down

The dried rice is sent to cooling equipment for cooling, so that the moisture content in the rice grains is kept between 6-10%, and then the quantitative rice grains are packaged in packaging bags by a packaging machine.


Processing Technology of Brewed Instant Rice
Time : 2022-11-23

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