2D 3D Snacks Pellet Machine


Quick detail:


2,Certification:CE,SGS,ISO ect.

3,After-sales service:Engineer on-site service

4,Warranty:1 year

5,Brand:  motor Siemens, inverter Delta

  • 2D 3D snacks machine description: 

    The production line uses wheat flour, corn flour, corn starch, tapioca starch, potato starch as raw material. By extruding, cutting etc process to produce spiral, tube, onion ring, waved chips etc 2D snack pellet. 

    Also can equip with pattern pressing machine and compound machine to produce bugles, net crispy, etc 3D snack pellet. Then by drying, frying and flavoring, the snack pellet can be made to be crispy, vivid instant-eat twice extrusion puffed food. Combinations of unit screw and precise control of processing, that achieve higher quality and various products with more chosen for raw material.

    2D 3D snacks production line:

    Final Product:

    Raw Materials:

    Wheat flour,starch etc.

    Features of 2D 3D snacks machine line:

    1. PLC touch screen for Centralized ,accurate,convenient control

    2. Fully automatic control system for heating and circulated cooling accurately

    3. Direct transmission of motor and distribution box reduces energy loss.

    4. Imported bearing group with higher bearing capacity

    5. Equip with water injecting device on barrel to meet require of various raw material and quality.

    6. High-speed tool steel with hardness HRC≥62 to ensure a longer service life.

    7. Modular combination of screws at will to meet require of different raw material.

    8. All barrels inlaid alloy sleeve, easy to replace and extend the life span of screw. All barrels inlaid cooling water through, spread around alloy sleeve, and can accurate constant temperature required

    9. All screw sleeves is kneading, ensure that not accumulate material. The screw is installed by blocks, and can be replaced optionally ratio to achieve requirements for product. Screw sleeve is installed by spline, and it is convenient and efficient. Quality of screw sleeve according to different prices is divided into: Cr12MoV, 38CrMoAl, W6Mo5Cr4V2.

    10. Applied to make all kinds of extrusion products such as corn flakes , cereal snacks ,puff snacks ,wheaten snacks , 2d /3d snack pellets , pet food ,fish feed ,soya protein ,nutritiobal powder ,modified starch and so on.

    Extruder model:

    (The table can be dragged left and right to view)

    ModelInstalled PowerPower ConsumptionOutputSize
  • Flow chart:

    MixingScrew conveyorextrudershaping and cuttingdryerfryerde-oilingflavoringcoolingpacking

    Single & Twin screw extruder:

    (The table can be dragged left and right to view)

    NameSingle & Twin screw extruder
    UsageTo extrude the raw materials and make them to the   required shape and size of the 2d 3d pellets by mould

    1.Screw: Material is 12Cr1MoV combined segmented screw   New reinforced high-torque housing, gear material is 20CrNiMoA, 6-level gear   accuracy, carburizing and quenching, HRC58 ~ 62, Japan NSK, IKO bearing,   including condenser, filter

    2.Heating: No.45 shell of equipment barrel, with cooling   water channel, C-type bimetal alloy bushing, alloy layer HRC58 ~ 62, heating,   high thermal efficiency, reliable performance 

    3.Intelligent and fast PLC operation panel, real-time   data feedback External water circulation intelligent temperature control   system to maintain product production temperature and prevent swelling

    Dryer :

    Typeelectrical, steam, gas fired, diesel fired heating type etc.
    ModelKX-3-5, KX-5-5, KX-5-8, KX-5-10, KX-7-5, KX-7-8, KX-7-10….
    Capacity100kg/h to 10 ton/h
    Usagethe expanded food go through the "s" passage, to be dried to   increase the self life.

    1.The oven has the compact structure, small occupying, large drying   area, small surface area, slight radiating heat and high thermal efficiency.

    2.The belt and the heat preservation use the stainless steel; it is suitable   for food industry.

    3.The running speed of belt net can be controlled (frequency)

    4.The temperature can be controlled willfully and designed according to   the need.

    5. Grease nipples at the edges of the dryer to lubricate   gears and bearings

    Continuous Fryer:

    NameContinuous Fryer
    Typeelectrical, gas fired, diesel fired heating type
    Capacity100kg/h to 500 kg/h
    UsageThis fryer uses a double-layer mesh belt structure. The electric heating   type has a paddle stirring device in the front section, which plays a certain   stirring effect on the materials entering the fryer and prevents the   materials from sticking to each other. This type of structural system has a   small oil capacity and a fast turnover rate of frying oil, which is conducive   to improving the quality of frying oil.

    1.The mesh belt adopts herringbone stainless steel mesh belt

    2.The two sides of the mesh belt are equipped with baffle plates to   prevent food leakage.

    3.By adjusting the distribution of the amount of oil to ensure the   front and rear oil temperature

    4.The drive adopts domestic high-quality motor and reducer (joint   venture brand)

    5.The motor speed is controlled by the inverter and the time is   adjustable

    6.The machine adopts electric grading

    7. The insulation is aluminum silicate insulation cotton.

    Flavoring machine:

    NameFlavoring machine
    TypeSingle and double flavoring drum
    UsageTo mix the oil and flavors powder on the surface of the   snacks food, to make different tastes

    1.The inside turning container is very sanitary   because of adopting the stainless steel material. The small roller is used   for the small output whereas the big roller is used for the plentiful output.

    2.we can spray the oil and sprinkle flavoring material   in this roller,we can flavoring products automatically.this roller is easy to   operate it.and easy to clean it after day work.

    3.The roller is 100% 304 stainless steel material .

  • Now

    PLC touch screen control

    The panel control


    Control box


    the material 12CrMoV,38CrMoAl, including Integral screw,Sem assembled screw ,fully assembled screw


    Not a combination screw, a whole screw.




    the barrel with wear bushing extend the life of the screw,the life is more  than 2 year.


    no wear bushing,the life is about 1 year.



    Our advantage


    Delta or Siemens(those are offices all over the world)

    Other Extruder Companies

    Poor quallity,without CE or CCC or ULC




    Whatever stepper or servo driving
    system Bright uses,all with top quailityand CE&CCC%UCL &UL

    Other Extruder Companies

    Poor quallity,without CE or CCC or ULC




    World top brand : Omron, Schneider, Detal .All electrical component,cabinet,assembling and wiring meets the standard of IEC and ANSI

    Other Extruder Companies

    Made in China or brand copy,wiring,assembling can not even meet standard of China.


    Electrical part


    High flexible shielding cable,working  between -75℃ to 115℃,95%,shielding scope



    Other Extruder Companies

    Poor quality shielding cable, cannot work efficiently for signal shielding,easily broken after working for a while,burn the motor easily


    World top brand:NSK,SKF,FAG,long life accessories smooth operation,low noise

    Other Extruder Companies

    Poor quallity,high noise,short lift,low Accuracy



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