Nutritional Powder Machine


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2,Certification:CE,SGS,ISO ect.

3,After-sales service:Engineer on-site service

4,Warranty:1 year

5,Brand:  motor Siemens, inverter Delta

  • Nutritional powder machine description:

    Nutritional powder production line uses rice, corn, beans and all kinds of grains as raw materials. Through extruding, inflating, drying, crushing and mixing, it could produce many kinds of nutrition powder, such as baby rice powder, sesame paste, beans powder and so on. This line could finish all the process automatically from the feeding to the end. It has features of easy operation, no leak of powder dust, sanitation, energy-saving and adding all kinds of raw materials and nutriment easily. In the production process, various microelements can be added according to the formula to enrich the product variety.

    Nutritional powder making production line :

    Final Product:

    Raw Materials:

    Mainly adopts cereals flour (corn, wheat, rice, oat, soy, etc)

    Features of rice making machine

    1. Simple structure in linear type ,easy in installation, maintation, cover small area. 

    2. Adopting advanced world famous brand components(Siemens / Omron / Samsung, etc) in electric parts and operation parts. 

    3. By selecting different molds and Screen mesh, to produce different particle size product types

    4. Running in a high automatization and intellectualization,no pollution 

    5. The twin-screw equipment has self-cleaning function and can be self-cleaning without disassembly,Reduce labor intensity.

    6. Feeding,main driving device, and rotary cutting device adopt inverter to adjust the speed with more powerful drive, stable running, and low consumption.
    7. Screw is made of alloy steel with long life.Segmental assembled screws are applied to more kinds of materials and products
    8. Automatic lubrication system can lower down power consumption and prolong the life.

    9. All equipments are made of stainless steel, ensure the clean and sanitary feed.

    10 .Higher and lower configuration for various demands ,the whole production process needs 1-3 people to operate, saving labor cost and reducing labor intensity.

    11.In the production process, multi vitamins and microelements are added to increase the variety of products.

    Extruder Model:

    (The table can be dragged left and right to view)

    ModelInstalled PowerPower ConsumptionProduction CapacityDimension
    DSE - 6572 kw50 kw140 - 160 kg/h14 x 2 x 4 m
    DSE -   7092 kw65 kw240 - 260 kg/h14 x 2 x 4 m
    DSE -   85108 kw75 kw500 - 600 kg/h21 x 2 x 4 m
  • Flow chart:

    Mixerscrew conveyerextruderair conveyerdryerair conveyerMilling Set

    Twin Screw Extruder machine:

    (The table can be dragged left and right to view)

    NameTwin Screw Extruder   machine
    UseBy puff and extruding   process toMake the materials mature   and full extrusion

    1.304 stainless steel food   touch and protect plate, more durable, stable.

    2.Equipped with heating   and cooling system to precisely control the expansion temperature and improve   product quality

    3.Three separate inverter for   main motor,cutting motor and feeding motor, to control the motor speed   easily. 

    4.twin screw extruder,   more powerful and high extrusion degree.

    5.screws can be complete type or combined type, to   meet different production requirement.

    6.The forced lubrication   system can make the working life longer

    7. Self-cleaning, when stopping, it can be cleaned   without disassembling

    8.wide capacity range for   choosing

    9. Adopting advanced world   famous brand components(Siemens / Omron / Samsung, etc) in electric parts and   operation parts.


    typeelectrical, steam, gas   fired, diesel fired heating type etc.
    ModelKX-3-5, KX-5-5, KX-5-8, KX-5-10, KX-7-5,   KX-7-8, KX-7-10….
    UseBy heating power to make   the nutritional powder dry efficiently

    1.Gas dryer, Fuel and gas are used as   heat source,Low electricity consuming and high heating efficiency

    2.Electric dryer,Low cost,   environmental protection, high drying efficiency.

    3. Effectively solve the   bulking fish feed pellet drying problems, particles reach the ideal water   resistance, improve grain appearance quality, Extended shelf life.

    4. Material contact   surface is stainless steel, safe and reliable

    5.internal circulating hot   air system, low energy consumption , high quality 

    6. Adopt hot air   circulation bi-direction cross flow method, equipped with moisture removing   fan, the wind direction forcibly penetrate and materials from top to bottom   and the hot air discharges the materials moisture.

    7. The belt and the heat   preservation use the stainless steel; it is suitable for feed industry.

    8.The running speed of   belt net can be controlled (frequency)

    Milling Set:

    NameMilling Set
    Power18.5kw,37kw etc.
    UseTo mill the materials into   powder

    1. total 304 stainless   steel shell body

    2. Powerfully and   high efficiency 

    3. Adjustable mesh   number

  • Now

    PLC touch screen control

    The panel control


    Control box


    the material 12CrMoV,38CrMoAl, including Integral screw,Sem assembled screw ,fully assembled screw


    Not a combination screw, a whole screw.




    the barrel with wear bushing extend the life of the screw,the life is more  than 2 year.


    no wear bushing,the life is about 1 year.



    Our advantage


    Delta or Siemens(those are offices all over the world)

    Other Extruder Companies

    Poor quallity,without CE or CCC or ULC




    Whatever stepper or servo driving
    system Bright uses,all with top quailityand CE&CCC%UCL &UL

    Other Extruder Companies

    Poor quallity,without CE or CCC or ULC




    World top brand : Omron, Schneider, Detal .All electrical component,cabinet,assembling and wiring meets the standard of IEC and ANSI

    Other Extruder Companies

    Made in China or brand copy,wiring,assembling can not even meet standard of China.


    Electrical part


    High flexible shielding cable,working  between -75℃ to 115℃,95%,shielding scope



    Other Extruder Companies

    Poor quality shielding cable, cannot work efficiently for signal shielding,easily broken after working for a while,burn the motor easily


    World top brand:NSK,SKF,FAG,long life accessories smooth operation,low noise

    Other Extruder Companies

    Poor quallity,high noise,short lift,low Accuracy



    Technology Innovation